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Would you like to sell your script or mod ?


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How To ?

To be able to sell your creations freely, you must have the necessary permissions. 
To do so, please contact us via support and make the request. Ideally, show us a portfolio or some of your creations, along with an explanation of your interests.
After analysis, you'll be given a developer role, enabling you to add your creations to the market place.


Charges ?

No purchase or subscription required.
DTX Custom's receives only 8% + bank charges (CAD 0.30) of sales.
These are the majority of transaction fees.
Only Paypal is accepted.


Features ?

  • Several types of sale possible
    • Paid
    • Free
    • Subscription
    • Paid + Subscription
  • Version control/ gestion for your scripts and mods
  • Unlimited custom fields on request
  • Support forum for each script (if desired)
  • Statistics
  • API available on request and on condition
  • Its own category on request and condition
  • Its own tags and prefixes for in-depth searches
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