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  4. Soon This time we're going to talk about resources, what a resource is and show you how to install different types of FiveM resources. Yes, it may be a very basic thing to do, but this tutorial is more for beginners and people new to the world of FiveM. First, create a folder and name it DTX_Tutorials. In this folder, we must create a file named fxmanifest.lua What is fxmanifest.lua ? The fxmanifest.lua file is the file that loads all the content of a resource, whether it's a script, a map, a vehicle, etc. These files are required to run a resource. These files are necessary for the operation of a resource. Plusieurs informations dans le bon fonctionnement du fxmanifest.lua. Vous trouverez un exemple sur la documentation FiveM ici. Lors de la creation de se fichier, il est important de designer la version et le game. Voir l'exemple suivant : fx_version 'cerulean' games {'gta5' } Par la suite nous pouvons y ajouter de l'information optionnel mais tout aussi importante qui est la descriptions, l'auteur, la version . author 'D-Trox' description 'Tutorial from DTX' version '1.0.0' lua54 'yes' Utilisez la mention lua54 permet d'activer l'utilisation de Lua 5.4. permettant de nombreuse nouvelle fonction comme les Metatables and Metamethods. Par la suite il y a la déclaration des scripts client et serveur ainsi les fichiers ui , stream , les dépendances également. Déclaration d'un script basique ? Dans le manifest, vous devez déclarer quel script qui seront lue autant coté client que côté serveur. Un script clien ou appelé "Client Side" est un script lu et exécuté par le joueur, tandis qu'un script serveur ou appelé "Server Side" est un script lu et exécuté par le serveur. Lorsque vous créé un script , il est important de comprendre la distinction entre les deux type. Chacun ont leurs utilisation propre et ont aussi leur avantage et désavantage. L'utilisation abuse d'un ou l'autre n'est pas recommandé. Pour déclarer un script , il est possible de déclaré 1 seul comme aussi de faire une table. Script unique : client_script "client.lua" server_script "server.lua" Pour plusieurs : client_script { "cl_main.lua", "cl_function.lua" } server_script { "sv_main.lua", "sv_function.lua" } -- you can use fodler path in using "FOLDER/file.lua"
  5. Welcome, If you're here, it's likely because you're new to the creation and management of FiveM servers. Let's get straight to the point. In this example, we will set up a server on Windows. Creating a FiveM server is a straightforward and user-friendly process. For anyone wanting to learn more about linux, I recommend using a server manager such as pterodactyl. Firstly, you need to download the artifacts. It's important to note that there are artifacts available for both Windows and Linux. If you're unsure which version to choose, I recommend opting for the recommended version. Once the files are downloaded, place them in the location of your choice for server management and launch the program named "FXServer." Subsequently, a web page will open, prompting you to log in. Follow the provided instructions. It's worth noting that a free server key allows you to access premium features (paid) as long as your server has 10 players or fewer. I strongly advise using this method during the development of your server to avoid unnecessary expenses. A simple search on youtube allows you to follow each step. Here's a video from HighwayTrooper that explains the process. Feel free to ask questions or seek additional guidance as needed. We are here to assist you throughout this process.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Simple library designed to help your development in lua with some external function or simplified to your needs.
  7. View File Lua Tools & Utils Library Simple library designed to help your development in lua with some external function or simplified to your needs. Submitter dtrox Submitted 09/22/2023 Category FiveM  
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