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  • DTX Custom's offers many unique services such as development assistance, custom scripting, installation or modification, optimization, server configuration and more.

    To make a request, hire a developer or get a quote, click here.

    We do not encourage the use of leaks and leakers. Any information regarding leaks will be passed on to the relevant authorities and developers.

    Leaking any of our scripts is prohibited, is contrary to the license and may result in legal action.

    DTX Custom's is also a platform for selling and sharing scripts or information about scripts and developers. 

    Server, partnership and sales


    Each server has access to its own club offering a range of features.

    To have your own store, you need to be a partner. For more information on partnership, please contact us via support.

    If you're interested in selling your scripts on our platform, please contact us via support too.


  • Closed Club  ·  170 members  ·  Last active

    Serveur RP Post apocalyptique 100% custom. Semi WL, questionnaire automatique à la connexion.
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