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New Gym System.

Our script offers 10 different exercises.
Our script offers a skill system (it is also possible to use your own skill system).
In our script there is also a shower system.
It is possible to have an unlimited number of gyms on the server.
We also have 4 different supplements items that add benefits in exercise.
The player can buy a gym, manage it, open or close it, change the price of entry, and sees the sales statistics.
The Gym offers a normal one-time entry system and also a subscription system, so a player can subscribe for x number of days.
It is also possible for individual gyms to turn off the entrance fee so they can exercise for free.
Anywhere on the map you can do push-ups and sit-ups via command.
Our script also offers afatigue system, so you can’t practice all the time but you have to wait for some time.
All interactions are possible via 4 different systems (via our system, via 3D texts, via help notify, via target).
When a player exercises, his fist damage increases, when he runs, his condition increases and he runs faster, when he dives, the time he can be underwater increases.
It is also possible to add your own advantages/disadvantages for each skill. (this part of the code is freely editable)
There are currently 4 different gym locations in the config, you can add new locations or remove existing ones, currently Muscle Sands (basic map in gta), LA Fitness (paid map from breeze that you have to buy), Pump & Run (map that is free to download on the forum), Los Santos GYM (map that is free to download on the forum).
It is possible to enable a function in the config that will slowly remove the player’s stats when he doesn’t exercise.
Our script is completly synchronized between players.
You can change the color of the interface in the config.
Gym System is completely standalone meaning you can use it with whatever framework you’d like to use it with.
Minigame system, players must react while exercising.
The script is protected via Escrow System, you can configure almost everything in config.lua. You can also change the style on html.lua.




 Synchronized between players

 Quality code

 OneSync Infinity Ready

 ➤ Skill System (you can also use your skill system)

 Shower System

 Possibility to have multiple gyms

 10 different exercises

 Supplements (4 different types)

 Gym Pass System

 Possibility to purchase a gym

 Bonuses at higher skill levels
Minigame system


 Target support


 Easy to install

 Support included

 Good optimization (0.01ms) 






What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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