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RTX Gift System

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New Gift System.

The design is inspired by Fortnite. The system allows you to send gifts between players. For example, you can send vehicles, or items from your inventory. You can also pin a message with your sent gift. Afterwards, recipient recieves a notification, that a gift was sent his way, and by who. Your gifts are stored in "gift inventory" that you can access by typing "/gifts". Once you open a gift, you'll recieve the reward. All of the commands whether for gift sending, or gift inventory, etc. can be changed in your config file. Also, it is possible to open your menus with a "trigger event" which you can set up in your config. It's also possible to turn off gift sending between players. Our gift system also comes with a lot of admin commands, that means that gifts can be sent by administrators as well. He can do so, by typing player ID, all players, players in range, or via identifier/citizen id. It's also possible to send gifts to offline players as well. You're also able to integrate our gift system into different scripts, it's quite easy honestly. It's for ESX and QBCore. Script is protected via Escrow System, you can still configure almost everything in config.lua, also you can change style in html, you also have access to all commands in your "other.lua" file.






➤ Quality code

➤ OneSync Infinity Ready

➤ Fair price

➤ Easy to install

➤ Support included

➤ ESX/QBCore

➤ Configurable

➤ Sending a gift between players (Vehicles, Items)

➤ Admin commands for sending a gifts to players

➤ Good optimization (0.00ms)





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