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RTX GoPostal Bundle

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New GoPostal script with MLO interior from Kanikuly and Sempre (RTX Development team). This is an original and unique resource. In one price you will get an awesome GoPostal MLO interior with a main room, small office, changing room and WC for employees and with a warehouse with a custom door - also with an entrance, where is entry road made instead of original GTA sidewalk. The MLO interior is combined with a standalone GoPostal script. It includes a unique queue system, where the queue is displayed on a LCD above the counters. Players can also send and receive packages and letters. In term of packages, you can choose even cash on delivery method! The script also includes an unique packages and warehouse delivering. If you choose package delivery, you need to manually load the GoPostal vehicle with packages visible for the player and then you can choose from 10 destinations manually based on the distance, just like in real life ! On delivery point there is a NPC standing and waiting for the package. When you deliver package to the NPC you need to choose next delivery adress again. Be one of the first servers to have this!






➤ MLO interior

➤ Package Delivery

➤ Warehouse Delivery

➤ Duty System

➤ OneSync Ready

➤ Good optimization (0.01ms)

➤ Configurable

➤ Easy to install

➤ Standalone

➤ ESX/QBCore Special features (send and receive packages and letters)






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