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RTX Car Radio

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New car radio system.

Works for all frameworks such as ESX, QBCore, vRP, and also works on other frameworks.

Our script offers 3 types of music playback (GTA Radio Stations, MP3, YouTube).

We use our sound system to play audio, so you don’t need an extra script.

You can control the radio via command or by pressing a button.

You can change the volume of the music you are playing, put it in loop, and also advance the time.

The radio also includes a playlist system so you can add music to a playlist and it will automatically play.

The audio doesn’t lag when driving fast.

Our radio disable GTA Radio Sn use it with whatever framework you’d like to use it with. Only exception is with Installing the radio at the mechanics or via item, that’s for QBCore and ESX only.

It is possible to turn on vehicle blacklist, so the radio will not work for vehicles that are on the blacklist.

It is possible to turn on radio for only specified vehicle class, so the radio will not work for vehicle class which is not in config.

It is possible to set a maximum distance for music around the vehicle.

It is possible to turn on streamer mode via /streamermode command when you execute command you won’t hear any sound (Command can be changed in config)

It is possible to turn on a function that turns off the sound around the vehicle, so that the sound can only be heard inside the vehicle.

It is possible to add webhooks when the player adds a new song to the radio.

It is possible to enable a function where you can only see the radio when you operate it, for example when you press E the radio menu will be displayed, when you close the radio you will not see it but the sound will still be heard. (The radio display can be set to command, event, bind)

Possibility to play real radio streams.

This script is protected via Escrow System, you can still configure almost everything in config.lua, language.lua, and you can also change it’s style in html.




> Synchronized between players >

> Quality code

> OneSync Infinity Ready

>Radio settings

> Players can change size of radio via settings

> Players can change position of radio via settings

> Color changer (RGB)

> YouTube Player

> MP3 Player

> Volume control

> Playlist

> Loop control

> Radio stations

> the audio doesn't lag when driving fast

> other players can control the same radio

> Easy to install

>> Support included

> Standalone

> Configurable

> ESX/QBCORE Special Features (install radio via item/mechanic)

> Good optimization (0.01ms)




What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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